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Consider the Source
The origin of life – the sea. Kelp, fish, shrimp, lobster, crab – renewable resources from the world’s oceans. All are rich and diversified protein sources. Unique forms of Nitrogen. These marine organic meals and other renewable resources are the core constituents that make up SeaBlend’s granular organic base.

It’s not surprising when you think about it. Life on the planet originated in the oceans. Phosphorus, which is in every living cell, comes from ancient sea life. Potassium comes from evaporated oceans. North Atlantic sea plants are a rich source of trace elements, micronutrients and a wide variety of other beneficial constituents.

Understanding and using these unique constituents to enhance the performance of the more conventional material we also use is one of the things that sets Ocean Organics apart from other organic-based manufacturers and formulators. When we describe SeaBlend Granulars as high performance fertilizers and rootzone amendments, the operative words are high performance. These products perform well beyond the NPK numbers on the label. Ask anyone who uses SeaBlend.

SeaBlend granulesSeablend Produces Outstanding Color, Density and Quality; Stimulates Microbial Activity, and Builds Soil.
Along with the unique marine protein meals (fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, kelp) that are its organic base, SeaBlend provides high quality synthetic nutrients also. It’s the perfect blend of ingredients to produce superior color, density and quality in all seasons.

In the Fall, you can’t predict when cold weather will begin. If it’s late, SeaBlend fully releases all nutrients so your turf builds carbohydrate reserves. If cold weather starts early, the synthetic ingredients in SeaBlend will still build reserves, while the organic ingredients become a dormant feed releasing in Spring for early green-up.

SeaBlend produces outstanding color; it builds soil and stimulates microbial activity. Unlike most organics, SeaBlend won’t gum up mower rollers. And with a homogenous micro particle size, it’s perfect for closely mowed bents and Bermudas, including the newer denser varieties. SeaBlend also contains no bone meals or biosolids.

"The results were astonishing.
Our grass was greener and thicker than it had ever been."

L Pollack, Michigan


"The 12-4-5 is a mainstay within my agronomic program for greens and approaches. The product performs and produces without a major flush of top growth but also provides the color I am looking for in early spring and fall. The organics and microbes really help benefit the top 2" of my soils where I have developed a very sandy profile and provide my feeder roots the nutrients they need for a long season ahead."

Steve Loughran, Rock Ridge Country Club, Newtown, CT


Fertilize your turf with SeaBlend and see the color and quality difference that complete, balanced and diversified nutrition can make.

What Makes SeaBlend So Special?
SeaBlend is a superior quality organic-based granular fertilizer, derived from very diversified sources — including marine shells, Epsom salts, kelp, fish, crab, lobster, shrimp and alfalfa meals with a proprietary seaplant extract binder. It contains no unsafe biosolids or bone meals. The sources of SeaBlend provides the turf with readily available major and minor nutrients and nourishes the soil with a beneficial ratio of calcium and magnesium.

What is the Value of the Meals as Sources of Nutrients?
Much of the Nitrogen in SeaBlend is in the form of proteins. There is growing evidence that proteins are a superior form of Nitrogen for turf, and SeaBlend contains multiple forms of marine and other meals for complete, superior nutrition.

What is the Value of Marine Shells as an Ingredient?
The marine organics are high in chitin and calcium. The benefits of calcium in the soil are well known. Chitin in the soil has been shown to be inhospitable to nematodes.

Will SeaBlend Cause Surges in Growth?
No, SeaBlend is approximately 50% slow release synthetic and 50% organic. The synthetic portion will provide a good color response within two days after application, and SeaBlend will release all of its nutrients evenly over 6-8 weeks (if the soil temperature is over 55˚).

When Should SeaBlend Be Applied?
Spring - the synthetics in SeaBlend will provide nutrients for recovery, and the organics will provide additional nutrients over the next 6 to 8 weeks.
Summer - apply ¼ lb. of N (2 lbs. of product) per 1,000 sq. ft. once a month for increased turf density, color and quality.
Early Fall - the synthetics in SeaBlend will provide nutrients for recovery, and the organics will provide additional nutrients over the next 6 to 8 weeks.
Late Fall Fertility - the synthetics will provide nutrients to build carbohydrates reserves, and the organics will provide nutrients the following year as the soil warms up.

At What Rate Should SeaBlend 12-4-5 or 12-0-12 Be Applied?
8 lbs./1,000 sq. ft. will provide approximately 1 lb. of N; 4 lbs. will provide ½ lb. of N; 2 lbs. will provide ¼ lb. of N.

Will SeaBlend Be Picked Up By the Mower Rollers?
No – SeaBlend is unique among organic fertilizers in its ability to be dispersed by water easily and won’t be picked up. The SGN of SeaBlend is approximately 105.

Application Guidelines:
Do not apply SeaBlend when the temperature + humidity exceed 175;
do not drag SeaBlend around after aerification; irrigate after application.

View SeaBlend 12-4-5 label

View SeaBlend 12-0-12 label

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