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We have been processing seaweed and formulating fertilizers for over 30 years. Collectively, the five key members of our staff have been involved in the seaweed industry for more that 130 years. We selectively extract high levels of beneficial compounds from seaplants using techniques that are both sophisticated and sustainable. Our innovative processing technologies yield products richer than others yet with fewer solids and lower viscosity. This means our extracts can be used with a broader range of materials with better blending, mixing and stability characteristics. Our seaweed-based fertilizers, plant health materials and soil conditioners lead the industry in quality, effectiveness, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.

State-of-the-Art Seaweed Processing Expertise
Micronutrient Compatible

University Researched and Proven
for more than 30 years at more than 20 Universities

Increased Fertilizer Efficiency

Improved Plant Stress Management

OMRI-listed Guarantee® Organic Seaweed Extract

Also available to formulators

Customized Micronutrient Formulations

Private Labeling




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