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Organic Fertilizers and Plant Growth Material

• Guarantee®  Organic and Guarantee®  Natural - Liquid Kelp Extracts

Guarantee® Organic 0-0-1 View label for Agriculture; View Label for Turf and Landscape;
View US OMRI Certificate
; View Canadian OMRI Certificate
Guarantee® Natural 0-0-1 View Label for Agriculture; View Label for Turf
Guarantee® Green 9-0-9
View Label
Guarantee® Bloom 4-8-4
View Label
Guarantee® Hi K 0-0-6
View label; View OMRI Certificate
Stress Rx® Ag 4-8-4 View Label

Extraordinary Granular Fertilizers

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View our products for Golf Courses and Landscape.

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Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA),  2012



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