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DeSal is Making a Critical Difference

"We have been using DeSal® (Ocean Organics) monthly at a 32oz per acre rate on our Poa greens for about nine months. We apply DeSal with Aquaduct (8 oz/1000). By far this is our best year for greens health, especially in terms of firmness of the putting surface.  We have poor quality water that is high in salts and bicarbs. In the past, we have had real issues with getting proper drainage. This resulted in wet and mushy greens following heavy watering. Our previous salinity management program consisted of gypsum and potassium (Andersons), as well as chelated calcium (Calflex and Aquaduct from Aquatrols). After adding DeSal to our program, we have had firmer and more even putting surfaces, lower soluble salt levels and no more black layer. We tank mix the DeSal in with the chelated calcium which works well. We feel DeSal is making a critical difference."

Eric Boyd
Ridgemark Golf and Country Club
Hollister, CA.

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