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Ocean Organics SeaBlend® Fertilizer Used on
Marygrove's Midnight Golf Facility

Unique, Marine-based, Organic Fertilizer Used for Grow-in.

Tom Doak, noted golf course architect, recently completed a different type of golf course. The five-hole facility at Marygrove College in Detroit has all the earmarks of a conventional golf course. But this one is for a special audience. It's for the mentoring program called Midnight Golf, whose goal is to improve under-served young adults' personal development, educational preparedness, and of course, appreciation for the game of golf.

Marygrove's Midnight Golf features a large practice putting green, a large sand bunker, two practice tee areas to accommodate up to 26 hitting bays, and a 5-hole short course.

Additional out-of-the-ordinary features: the course offers unique urban land-use, and it also incorporates state-of-the-art sustainability practices – such as minimal site-impact, water conservation, and environmentally conscious fertilization and maintenance.

Architect Tom Doak has designed over 30 courses worldwide, four of which are rated among the top 100 courses in the world. Michigan-based, he's currently redesigning the tees and greens at the Country Club of Detroit.

Turf grass expert Tom Mead, widely known in the golf industry for his sustainable turf grass practices, developed the grass plans to launch the new facility.

Ocean Organics of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Waldoboro, Maine supplied a special 100% organic formulation of their popular granular golf course fertilizer SeaBlend®. The result: excellent grow-in for Midnight Golf's opening in October, 2011.


"It was important to us," said Marygrove Vice President for Finance and Administration Bill Johnson, following the wishes of the IHM sisters, "to do this right in terms of sustainability. We wanted to use all-organic inputs and are very pleased with Ocean Organics' material." Marygrove has since added the fertilizer to the surrounding grounds of the 53-acre campus.

Said Doak: "All of my associates and I grew up playing public golf courses in towns where junior golf was affordable and close at hand. If it wasn't for that, we might never have found this thing we love to do. We've noticed in the past 10-20 years," he added, "that many new golf facilities fail to make room for the next generation of golfers….We've been actively seeking projects where we can help to reverse this trend, and Marygrove was a perfect venue."

"It's a godsend for us to have someone of his reputation and stature to take the time to come down to Detroit and help us," said David Gamlin, Midnight Golf's program director. "We are elated beyond belief that someone of his caliber would be interested in helping young people in Detroit to get a brighter future and we are very grateful."

Since 2001, 919 young people have participated in the Midnight Golf Program, 707 completed the 30-week learning experience with 616 students admitted to or graduated from 84 different colleges and universities. The Midnight Golf Program teaches life skills, especially financial literacy, college preparation and giving back to the community along with learning to play golf. The young people come from a wide range of schools and community based programs. Through the training and experiences of the Midnight Golf Program, young people are empowered to maximize their potential.

96% of the participants went to college in program year 2011.


"The Midnight Golf Project makes the "mantra" of sustainability meaningful," said Bill Middleton, Ocean Organics' founder. "It's sustainable environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally."



Detroit Mayor Dave Bing was pleased that the city's youth would have a venue for success. Midnight Golf Director Renee Fluker, to his right, developed the program out of both personal and professional concerns. Her son, Jason Malone, didn't like being the only black student on his school's golf team. And she didn't like seeing black children languishing in the Housing Projects on Detroit's east side, where she was a social worker.

Tom Doak, Golf Course Architect, said It was an honor to be asked to help with the Midnight Golf Program.  He discusses the new course with Dave Richards, CEO of Resort Golf Marketing and Bill Middleton, President of Ocean Organics.
The iconic Marygrove towers. Midnight Golf and Marygrove have worked together on after-school programs since 2005.
Renee Fluker, Founder and Executive Director of Midnight Golf, and David Gamlin, Vice President of Programs, on Opening Day at the new Golf Course. The Midnight Golf program is a 30-week empowering and mentoring experience that teaches life skills including financial literacy, college preparation, community activism, as well as, learning to play golf. Participants meet on Monday and Wednesday for three hours each day. Golf lessons are taught by three PGA of America professionals.
At the far end of the course, a canopy shelters the attendees at the opening celebration of Marygrove's Midnight Golf Facility.
Tom Doak and his associate discuss potential refinements.



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