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A proprietary soil additive
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Early Bird Liquid
An Organic-based Specialty Fertilizer
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Guarantee® Bloom
A premium liquid foliar fertilizer containing kelp extract and macro- and micronutrients
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Guarantee® Green
Advanced foliar nutrition containing kelp extract and macro- and micronutrients
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Guarantee® Natural for Agriculture
Versatile liquified kelp extract for commercial agriculture
*This product is also known as Guarantee®
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Guarantee® Natural for Turf
For turf and ornamental professionals
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Guarantee® Organic for Agriculture
An OMRI listed liquified kelp extract for organic crop production
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Guarantee® Hi K
A versatile liquid Ascophyllum nodosum extract for agriculture, greenhouse, hydroponics, landscape, gardens and other growing applications.
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A soil and fertilizer additive formulated to enhance solubility and uptake of plant nutrients
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Helps correct nutrient deficiencies common to salt-stressed plants
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Stress Rx®
Helps alleviate physiological symptoms associated with heat, drought, and salinity stresses
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XP Micro®
Foliar fertilizer
Enhances physiological performance of plants under stresses, including summer UV exposure.
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Early Bird
Organic-based Specialty Fertilizer
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Organic-based Fertilizer
Call Mike Roberts for information on EnviGreen Landscape Fertilizers - 207-691-1531
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Significantly accelerates establishment and root growth
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Grand Prize®
Prize winning flowers; vibrant, long-lasting gardens
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Organic, Hardy, Abundant Plants and Yields
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The Right Stuff®
Dramatically increases plant growth, health and vigor.
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SeaBlend® 12-0-12
Provides a linear release of nutrients
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SeaBlend® 12-4-5
Contains water insoluble nitrogen to prolong nitrogen availability
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SeaBlend® Super Starter
A granular fertilizer designed to promote quick establishment and growth
for newly seeded, sodded or sprigged turfgrasses
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SeaBlend® AS
An organic based granular fertilizer formulated to promote quick
green up and growth on established turf.
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