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We were copied on this email from Greg to his sister Pat.


Greetings. I'm working on the lawn this morning, cleaning up the front porch to the great room, and doing things in the garden this afternoon...

I'm determined to see these lawn seeds sprout and grow—filling in the voids produced by the drought.
The fertilizer I'm using (that you asked me about) is called “The Right Stuff” from MaineSteam/ Ocean Organics. This spring for the first time I bought a 50 lb. bag, shipped by UPS I think. Doing the lawn as I described, used up the last 8-10 lbs. so I'm going to order again soon as the holiday is over.
My experience in the garden earlier this summer proves that this seaweed stuff works, . . . and considerably better than I expected.
We bought our TOMATO plants a bit late, but they looked healthy. After planting they did not however, seem to get off to a good start. By 2-3 weeks they still looked like they weren't going to do well. But since we're vegetarians, tomatoes are important to us. I had ordered this seaweed fertilizer and when it arrived, I sprinkled maybe 1/2  to 3/4 of a cup of "The Right Stuff" around the base of each, and filled the shallow trench with water, hoping for something better than what we were seeing up to that point.
The plants seemed to respond gradually, increasing in height and sending out new foliage. I was occupied with other things and didn't actually pay much attention for 2-3 weeks. Next thing I remember was that I was seeing green tomatoes here and there, getting pretty good size to them. Time passed and some began turning color, but I still wasn't paying much attention.
Jo Lynne went out and brought some in, said they were getting ripe. I thought she was picking them a little the unripe side. Then we started seeing more and more ripe tomatoes. They were near perfect, no insect problems, no disease problems, the quantity of ripe tomatoes began increasing, —some were normal size, some were definitely increasing in size more than the others while still ripening. The family began talking about the tomatoes coming in from our at meal time: they were beautiful, and delicious. There were getting to be more of them, and and they kept getting larger.
We're picking fresh, vine-ripened 1 lb. and +2-1/2 lb. tomatoes off our vines since 2-3 weeks ago, as well as a good number of smaller ones. Often a single tomato slice is larger that a slice of bread—hangs over the side. We've never seen such production in our gardens (vegetarian, so we have two separate gardens). These plants have grown over the top of their oversize 5 foot high wire cages. Some of our plants are producing tomatoes similar to the look of grapes, and a number of them are still blooming! One plant wasn't properly supported by the wire cage (due to my careless neglect), and the weight of the tomatoes actually pulled the plant to the ground. But that poor plant has nevertheless produced probably 2 dozen, quite large attractive tomatoes—no split skins even though we had alternating rain and hot sun, no insect invasion, no disease, no mold or fungus. I don't think we've ever had tomatoes that have not suffered especially late in the season from splitting around the stems. We planted Big Boys and some other kind (mislabeled at the nursery), and the entire crop has thus far yielded near perfect fruit.
That's the tomatoes.
I also put "The Right Stuff" around our EGGPLANTS (from local greenhouse (imported?), they produce smaller than the usual dark purple ones, and present a beautiful, somewhat elongated fruit—white, beautifully splashed with pink, very nice taste, and look great on the table before cooking!). The reason I fertilized was that we wouldn't have been surprised if they died. I was rather certain by all evidence that they were about to die. I couldn't keep the flea beetles off them and the very few leaves they did have were shredded, as flea beetles do, and the weather had been steady hot and dry. I decided here was a perfect opportunity to give the "Stuff" a trial. I did a similar application as I had done on the tomatoes on a 20 foot row of GREEN PEPPER plants (plus two or three imported PURPLE PEPPERS). All the peppers looked in a little better condition, but overall the picture on that end of the garden was disheartening.
Well, the eggplants unexpectedly pulled out of their death throws and just plain started flourishing within a week or two, — began adding height and produce abundance of rich green, luxuriant foliage and then beautiful fruits hidden beneath. I dusted them with DIATOMATEOUS EARTH and the flea beetles in a day almost vanished. Our peppers responded to "The Right Stuff" the same as the eggplants: rather rapid increase in height, started producing abundance of rich green foliage and pumping out lots of nice peppers. They're still producing.
I wish I had taken before and after pictures. I just never expected in advance, anything so out of the ordinary.

It's a cooler early September this year, and garden things are usually starting to wind down here, yet still the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are producing. Jo Lynne has been hard put to spread the table with so much abundance, plus we've been canning and giving away a lot, besides what she's taken to church potlucks. We had stuffed peppers for lunch today. Such wholesome food from our own gardens—what a rewarding joy!
So., —on the lawn (back to that), I applied quite a bit of fertilizer. But it won't burn anything, so that's not going to be a problem. It's late in the growing season and I just want to be sure the grass gets a good strong start so it will remain in place during the ice and snow of winter. I won't be sure how well the lawn thing will work out until spring. And by the way, we've had the same results in our flower beds. It is as if plants of almost any kind just suddenly wake up and start improving beyond your expectations. Anyway, check out their web site at the link below! Give them a try. You might want to order a larger quantity, you won't be sorry.—
(part of Ocean Organics—http: //www.oceanorganics.com)
California's growing season is longer, etc. I hope you have enough water available for your small garden. BTW, if I'm not mistaken this "Stuff" supplies special nutrients to encourage and support a measure of plant resistance to drought stress. I highly recommend that you should take before and after photos.
Sorry this took so long to get off to you. Seems like we have so “many irons in the fire”, visitors, etc. The information may arrive a little late in the season. But here it is just in case there's still time. . . But God has been good to us all and I'm grateful.

Love you sis, Greg

Greg Owens
Coshocton, OH


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