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Seaweed on the Maine coast

The Uniqueness of Our Seaweeds

Ocean Organics processes a variety of cold-water North Atlantic seaweeds — the hardiest plants on earth. The daily life cycle of these seaweeds is unbelievably stressful. As the tides ebb and flow, they are alternately, at low tide, completely exposed on the rocks to which they're attached, and at high tide, completely submerged in salt water. In the summer they withstand air temperatures that exceed 100º F when exposed, then quickly tolerate frigid water temperatures when submerged. In winter, air temperatures plunge below -10º F, and water temperatures dip below freezing. They go through these cycles twice a day every day of their lives.

Through these extremes, these seaweeds manage to feed themselves entirely through their foliage. In seaplants, it is the naturally-occurring carbohydrates, polysaccharides, organic acids, amino acids, growth and macro and micronutrients which play key roles in boosting stress tolerance and survival. These same components contribute to the stress management and survival potential of plants treated with our extracts.

Our Seaweed Extracts are available in formulations for golf courses, agriculture, landscapes and gardens.

Ocean Organics Extracts 

We extract the contents of seaweed cells from the seaweeds using unique proprietary technologies. Many of the most beneficial and active ingredients in seaweed are damaged by most conventional processing. Our extraction processes are the least destructive of any because we do not dissolve seaweeds into a solution. We are also the only manufacturer of fertilizer products that is actually a processor of seaweeds which we have been doing since 1977. Quality means everything to us.

When using Ocean Organics’ seaweed extracts, you are assured of:

Safety and Sustainability

Superior Performance and Results

Ease, Convenience and Economy

Our kelp extracts have been shown by independent research to improve:

Plant health and physiological fitness


Chlorophyll content

Plant antioxidant levels

Cell wall strength

Stress tolerance

Resistance to diseases

Drought tolerance

Because these remarkable plants take up nutrients from the ocean directly, they are an incredibly rich source of every nutrient known to contribute to plant growth and health — all in perfect balance.

Ocean Organics' extracts are the most varied sources of naturally occurring nutrients, antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients available.

Our Marine Extracts and Meals are also available to formulators and manufacturers – please call George Seaver or Mike Roberts at 888-312-0106 for more information.

Members of the Maine Seaweed Council

Sustainable Harvesting and Processing

Ocean Organics is committed to protecting the ecosystems of Maine’s marine algae and adhering to sustainable cultivation and harvest practices. Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) is cut at least 16 inches above the holdfast and harvesting sites are rotated which allows for maintaining healthy seaweed beds. Recent preliminary research suggests this process can reduce local ocean acidification. Ocean Organics has been harvesting sustainably for decades.

As much as 60% of rockweed is detached naturally through storms, ice storms, and swift currents according to a 2013 Maine Sea Grant report. The total commercial harvest is less than one percent of the available biomass. Well managed Ascophyllum beds can sustain repeated harvests and grow back with greater biomass.

Seaweed on the Maine coast

Seaweed on the Maine coast

Seaweed on the Maine coast

Hardy Ascophyllum nodosum survives the stresses of exposure to frigid air in the winter.

Seaweed on the Maine coast

Abundant Ascophyllum nodosum grows in the intertidal area and tolerates repeated
exposure to air during low tide.



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