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Ocean Organics is synonymous with plant fitness. We make materials designed to maximize plant health, hardiness, performance, stress tolerance and quality.

Promotes drier and firmer playing surfaces; consistent, uniform root zone soil moisture;
and a slower, more consistent dry down that reduces hand watering.
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Promotes firmer and drier playing surfaces and improved root zone moisture uniformity
when used in either a short or long term program.
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Treats Localized Dry Spots (LDS) while increasing moisture uniformity in the root zone.
Can be used as a curative or as a monthly program product.
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Promotes firmer and drier playing surfaces on fairways and fine textured soils.
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Our proprietary seaplant extracts represent the state-ofthe- art in high performance nutritional chemical technology. They are used in a wide variety of agricultural and horticultural applications to:

• improve plant health, appearance and color

• increase rooting, crop yields and quality

• deliver superior stress management benefits

For more than 40 years, our “proving ground” for stress tolerance in plants has been intensively-maintained turf grasses. No plants are subjected to more stresses from more sources. Golf course superintendents deal with the same kinds of biotic stresses all growers face — disease pathogens, insects, invasive weeds — plus all the abiotic stresses like high temperatures, drought, UV overexposure and salinity. But then, unlike most other growers, they impose even more stresses with the cultural and maintenance practices required to produce the playing conditions and green speeds demanded by today’s golfer.

While pioneering innovative products and programs for forward-looking turf professionals, our constant quest has been to optimize entry of our materials into the plant. Plant uptake of our nutritional chemistry is vital — whether through foliage or roots.

As we have worked with more marine-based and other botanical extracts and developed materials targeted toward rootzones and rhizospheres in addition to foliage, surfactant technology has become more central to our product development strategy. So we are pleased to introduce another step toward ever more efficient and sustainable plant fitness.

Think about it. Today’s superintendents are mowing their greens about 40% lower than their counterparts 40 years ago. They use about 40% less major nutrient fertilizers than the superintendents in the 1970’s. And they use a lot less water. Surfactants are increasingly critical in today’s turf grass management environment — and will only become more so.

Of the more than 50 companies supplying surfactants to turf professionals in North America, less than 10% actually make the molecules that provide the basic molecular building blocks involved in surfactant technology. Instead of manufacturing chemicals, we focus our expertise on how to best apply these basic chemistries to the specific, unique performance requirements of intensively-maintained turf grasses —and we add value. Our products optimize both nutrient and water use efficiency and also provide unique ingredients that help boost plant fitness. Rather than offer dozens of alternative choices, we have consolidated our surfactant offering into four comprehensive and versatile products.


• We include our industry-leading seaweed extract for its many benefits related to fitness and stress management. Because it has no Nitrogen, it never causes growth flushes.

• Penetrant agents help water and nutrients infiltrate through the mat layer and into the soil faster. They also keep the surface dryer.

• The Ocean Organics Surfactants are also photo-safe — they are EO/PO Block Co-Polymer formulations.

• They are highly cost-efficient, having a lower end user cost per gallon and a lower cost per acre than competitive products.

Contact your Ocean Organics Distributor, or call today to discuss how these innovative and cost efficient surfactants can help your turf achieve its maximum performance.

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