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Stress Rx®

Stress Management for Professional Turf Managers

Stress Rx® from Ocean Organics significantly increases your turf’s heat, UV, drought and salt stress tolerance, improves its survival potential, and promotes recovery.

Stress Rx contains the most diversified combination of stress tolerance and plant strengthening constituents available. It can help intensively maintained turf grass plants better tolerate the physiological effects of heat, drought, salinity and UV radiation.

Stress Rx – #1 in Research

University research (Rutgers, Virginia Tech) on Stress Rx and its ingredients shows statistically improved turf quality under heat, UV, drought, and salt stresses. Five years of data show:

• Improved quality, relative water content, roots, and recovery

• Less membrane leakage and leaf firing (e.g., tip necrosis)

Unique and Innovative

Stress Rx contains Ocean Organics’ proprietary seaweed extract along with the most diverse and complete combination of biorational compounds available in a single foliar applied product:


• Unique osmoprotectants, such as exclusive glycine betaines (the compounds that allow seaplants to adjust and survive in salt water.)

• Powerful pigments like xanthophyll that stabilize photosynthetic membranes and act as effective antioxidants to scavenge plant damaging free radicals.

To further enhance stress tolerance, osmotic balance and micronutrient chelation, Stress Rx also contains Ocean Organics’ unique PRO-AMINO™ TECHNOLOGY: 18 of 20 proteinogenic amino acids from 3 plant-derived sources.

Stress management is a proactive process. But even when your turf is already under stress, Stress Rx can help.

Today’s environment is unique in that we simply can’t predict what’s coming next. But one thing we can count on is that there will be stress. According to NASA, August 2014 was the warmest worldwide since it started keeping track in 1880. And July 2013 was the 6th hottest July in 133 years.

Stress Seldom Travels Alone.™ When and where there is hot, there is frequently dry. Last year, more than half the US experienced drought conditions. 

According to Dr. Bingru Huang, drought is one of the most common environmental stresses limiting plant growth.

To maximize your turf’s survival potential through times of stress, it’s essential to build the strongest possible foundation. This is true of every living system. Ocean Organics’ Stress Rx can help your turf survive and perform under stress. It will also promote recovery and improve turf quality while building more vigorous root systems.


Continuing Research Shows Ocean Organics’ Leadership in Turf Stress Management

In recent research at Rutgers, Dr. Bingru Huang conducted a study of different PGRs and biostimulants to evaluate their ability to alleviate summer bentgrass decline.

The treatments that had the most significant impact were those provided by Ocean Organics’ seaweed extract-based formulas, which included Stress Rx. Notable results, compared to the control and all other commercial treatments, were:

• Significantly higher turf quality

• More green leaf biomass

• Better plant density

The summer applications used a rate of 6 oz per 1,000 ft2. Spring treatments also incorporated Ocean Organics’ SeaBlend® granular fertilizer 12-4-5 and Guarantee® Natural for Turf .

As reported in the Tri-State Research Foundation Newsletter, Fall, 2013, “Ocean Organics’ seaweed extract treatments clearly offered the most notable results during both the spring and summer.”

Effects of biostimulants on turf quality in August 2013

Not Just Stress Management, But Building Higher Quality Turf

Heat and UV stress can create a lethal combination during tough summer conditions. Our goal is to provide products that boost stress tolerance and give superintendents added levels of protection.

Treatments with Stress Rx statistically improved root length in two combined heat/UVB stress trials at Virginia Tech. With Stress Rx treatment, roots were between 35 – 87% longer than in controls without Stress Rx. Stress Rx treatments had 54% longer roots after 8 days of recovery than controls.

Stress Rx can also be used in a program with Ocean Organics’ NuRelease® or DeSal® for unbeatable results.

In a recent salinity stress field trial at UC Riverside on bermudagrass, Ocean Organics’ program, which included Stress Rx and DeSal, was the top performer in improving turf quality. The Ocean Organics’ program also decreased sodium absorption ratio (SAR) and sodium (Na) content in the soil. Our program outperformed 20 commercial and experimental products.

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Click here for the Research Result Article from Tri-State Research Foundation (PDF)

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