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XP Extra Protection

An Innovative Foliar Nutritional Solution To Help You Manage Summer Stress

Maintaining a golf course for people with high standards and great expectations is never easy… but it’s even more difficult in the summer. That’s why superintendents spend most of the year conditioning their courses to withstand the stresses that come from more sources more often when the sun shines longer and the temperatures get hotter.

XP EXTRA PROTECTION Delivers a Powerful “1-2 Punch” of Protective Plant Ingredients and Micronutrients

  • XP Extra Protection fights stress starting with unique plant-protective compounds in Ascophyllum nodosum, boosted with high levels of other botanical extracts that protect plants under heat and UV stress.
  • XP provides the most effective micronutrients (2% Fe, 2% Mn, 1% Mg) to boost color under summer stress. It’s formulated with amino acid-chelated micronutrients which are ideal for foliar uptake. Soil-directed iron is also provided for longer-term release and extended color.

XP Extra Protection — Exceptional:

Turf Quality
Root Health
Stress Tolerance

Backed By Research

Independent research over five years at four universities, and with several private researchers, has confirmed XP Extra Protection improved turf quality and recovery under heat stress, salinity, deficit irrigation, and prolonged UV radiation.

XP Extra Protection also improved chlorophyll content and protective carotenoid pigment levels.


Stands for Xanthophyll…the primary pigment in the seaplants from which we make all of our high-performance seaweed extracts. Xanthophyll has a unique capacity to protect and repair photosynthetic membranes from the destructive effects of photoinhibition – excessive sunlight exposure. We also enhance the pigment content of XP Extra Protection using other natural compounds.


Stands for Pro-Amino® Technology: Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play a critical role in plant health. Amino acids and similar compounds from plant and ocean sources help chelate micronutrients and provide osomoprotectants during drought and recovery.


Stands for essential micronutrients and beneficial trace elements that become even more critical during summer stress. North Atlantic seaplants are nature’s most diverse and complete source of mineral nutrients and trace elements.

Taken Together XP EXTRA PROTECTION Stands for

Superior Summer Stress Protection

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